About Our Apiary

We created Our Apiary in order to both spread the word about and directly support various environmental nonprofits. Each of our offerings contribute to different organizations and 50% of all proceeds go towards them. We aim to feed two birds with one scone: each of our supporters feeling satisfied to have gotten a cool piece of clothing with a purpose.

Hi, I'm Evan

a 17-year-old art student from California. All my life I had this idea of a website that funds nonprofits based on themed designs for each one. Originally, it was going to be named A Heart for the Arts, but I was too young at the time. Thus, when I felt capable enough, I founded Our Apiary. 

I chose the name Our Apiary as a representation of a community. We aim to provide another stream of support for environmental nonprofits, spreading the word with creative designs about the movements we can all get behind. Saving the planet starts with a collective action, so we might as well show it off. 

All goods are produced by hand by me at my home, not some wasteful outsourced business, I make each product in-house. Even more than that, this ensures that margins are small, so more money goes to the nonprofits.

If my story interests you, check out our blog and products if you'd like! Thank you!

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